1. Just a few quick comparison shots :) Briar Beauty’s skin is very very close to Cleo de Nile’s.

    The sculpting on the Ever After High dolls faces is much simpler than Monster High’s, but I’m not sure why? One if the reasons I like MH so much is the detail and diversity, so it’s a little disappointing to me. But I’ll see how I feel after painting them :)

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    I feel very sure that Monster High heads would work on the Ever After High bodies, and vice versa. They even have the...
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    This is great! Glad someone did this. I rather like the EAH body it’s a bit fuller in the hips, and looks like it could...
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    Great comparison and blank photos! Thanks Lemondread! ♥
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    fff I love the EAH bodies they are so adorable
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