1. Coupon code for my Etsy :)

    Shipping on all orders will be delayed until September 8th, so any orders made between now and then can get 10% off any item using the code: LATESHIP

    On a more personal note, my grandmother passed away yesterday, so part of the reason for withdrawing for a bit is because of that. :(  No condolences necessary, just be aware that I may not be around for a little bit while I bury the sadness in work and not talking.

  2. Got some new business cards today for SPX! :)  Me and #headachequeen will be sharing a table, so we got double sided cards and each of us got a side!

    I also got some post cards for giving away, and another business card to put the new Sailor Moon pins I’m getting in on.  Also a super secret poster to slip in my new comic book that I’m working on…

  3. I made a new wig today, it’s not perfect but cutting hair really isn’t my forte ^^; 

  4. Sorry for the absence, I’ve just been working hard! :)  I’ve been drawing pages for a comic debut at SPX next month, with doesn’t have much to show in the way of progress besides a growing pile of paper.  Other than that it’s playing Dead Space 3 with my brother (at least until today… when PSN went down).

    With the newly freed time that was originally slated for video games, I decided to repaint a doll!  I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my collection lately I guess, but this was my first doll and I could never get rid of him 8)  I got him… gosh, over 9 years ago?  The wig is 9 years old too, and I think it’s aged less gracefully =X


  5. beansproutmomo said: Melting pot?

    Yep!  It’s my favorite restaurant, even though no one in my family likes going ^^;  So I get to go once a year on my bday, when no one can object (too loudly anyways).


  6. Thank you…!

    Thanks everyone for the very nice birthday wishes yesterday, it means a lot! OTL   I got some nice new nail polishes, a kindle, and a fondue dinner! 8)

  7. Birthday selfie OTL  I worked a little harder on my make up today than usual.

  8. So I’ve been working hard on comic pages for a last minute comic issue!  I’m so excited, I got some last minute news that I will actually be exhibiting at SPX this year again with headachequeen!

    I may take tomorrow off from working on stuff to bake myself a birthday cake though, haha! :)


  9. So I made a twitter, and I’m going to try and use it =T  It remains to be seen how well it goes though!

  10. Well I’m waiting on my new Sailor Moon pins to come in, but the crystals for them did already!  This is just the printed proof of the design with the crystals laid out on top of it, but you get the idea :)

    I’m trying a new supplier for pins this time (the last supplier left a lot to be desired….) but I’ll be putting the crystals in myself this time.  I was disappointed with the look of glass jewels, so I got some nice Swarovski crystals for these!  After all, if it’s for Sailor Moon anything maximum sparkle is necessary ;P