1. So I felt like playing with clay today!  I cleaned up ‘The Batcave’ (as my family calls it, it’s the deepest, darkest room in our house) which is my room for messy crafts.  I keep all my clay stuff, mold making, and screen printing back there.  I was cleaning to see if I would potentially have room for an enlarger and photo trays……..

    But once I was done cleaning I reclaimed some clay from slip, and threw together a quick armature to play around sculpting a body.  I made the leg wires too stubby, and somehow the torso ended up much longer than my initial plan, but overall fairly happy with it!  Depending on how I feel about it later I might see about finishing it up and molding it so I could make some porcelain dolls :)


  2. retrogradeworks:

    So, BJD Con in Atlanta does indeed still have tables left, but I’ve just about talked myself out of it due to anxiety.

    I… have bigger problems with anxiety around people than I let on or even really talk about.  I’m not sure if Rich would be able to attend and I just don’t think I could do it by myself.  I’m fine as long as I have someone I trust with me, but yeah.  Alone isn’t gonna be a thing I can do, even for a small-ish con.


    Aww, don’t give up!  Is there anyone you know that has a table, maybe you could be next to them?  Or if you could find someone to split a table with?

    I always get anxious getting ready for tables at cons, but as soon as I get there and get the table is set up it’s easy.  It’s much calmer behind the table than being a regular attendee, and neighboring tables always end up being friends even if we have nothing in common.  Plus I find it easier to be outgoing when trying to sell things, as strange as it seems, since it’s easy to want to share something I’m excited about selling.

    (Not to mention you end up having the same convo 10,000 times a day, it’s basically a script haha!)

  3. Well I went to the beach (Rehoboth, DE) for the weekend and am now back :)  While there I got a sweet Kate Spade dress on super sale, and this lovely little bowl!  I am super in love with crystalline glazes, and this shop had a bunch for very reasonable prices!

    Without fail though every time I express my love for these glazes my father asks me “Why don’t you make some at home?”.  My kiln has four elements with on/off switches, not even close to the amount of precision I would need for those glazes =T  Maybe one day I’ll get a little test kiln with an electronic sitter, but until then I will just admire my little crystalline bowl! :)

  4. Here’s another Avea, this time done on commission!

  5. Painted another Sirena!

    Sirena Von Boo on Etsy

  6. Punk Sailor Moon Tee

    Despite my better judgement, I printed a few Sailor Moon shirts.  If they go well I’ll order more, but for now I just have one in each size.

  7. I decided to embrace the green and try to brighten her up from her unusual skin color haha.  I think she ended up pretty well, though her hair combined with her skin color is a few too many colors still ^^;

    Clawvenus Repaint on Etsy


  8. Mildly upset 8(

    My family had some furniture delivered recently and realized yesterday that a family antique was missing… It was an antique silver cigarette box that belonged to my grandfather when he was in the foreign service.

    We have no proof that the delivery men took it, but have no idea where else it would have gone since it always stayed in that one spot.  And I don’t know why specifically, but it’s got me really upset?  It’s not like it was an item that held particular significance or was terribly valuable, but I’m really upset by the idea that someone took it out of our house and we will never see it again.  I just can’t stop thinking about it, it literally kept me up last night because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

    My mother doesn’t want to ask the furniture store, since she’s worried if we upset whoever took it they know where we live, plus we have no proof.  So now I don’t know what to do besides try to get over it T_T;  I’ve even thought about offering a reward to have it back, but I guess that wouldn’t even work…


  9. I added a coupon for 20% off any items in my shop today only :)  Use the code: 4JULY14  to get the discount!

  10. I also finally finished up the next set of patches that I have been working on!  I had some requests from people for scout specific patches, so I made one for each character :)

    Punk Sailor Scout Patch set