1. FS: Volks YoSD SWD Nana

    I posted it for sale on DoA, but for anyone else interested I’m selling my other YoSD!

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  2. Well, I got my patches back up on Etsy =T  There was an issue over the weekend that they were taken down because of a trademark issue, apparently the phrase ‘Fight like a girl’ is trademarked and the foundation that owns it does not want it to appear in any context besides their merchandise. (I have more thoughts on the issue but I will refrain from dredging it all up)

    So I’ve amended my patches to avoid pressing the issue.  I’ll try and get the pink patches back up tomorrow.

    Punk Sailor Moon Patch Set on Etsy


  3. Well, SPX is over again for another year!  Every time I go I’m reminded why it’s my favorite: everyone is so happy to be there, and just so nice!  I was way busy all Saturday, barely had time to myself so I forgot to post where to find me, but I was at table G5 with the tote bags and hand made books.

    I’m still super exhausted, I’m very introvert so it’s taxing to have so much social contact in two days, but I’m low on products now and need to get back to work soon to restock everything!

    I’m so happy to have met everyone, I always make new friends there and am sad it won’t be back for another year :)

  4. Down to the wire, but I got them done! :)  My newest comic that I’ll have at the Small Press Expo this weekend, in Bethesda MD!

    These covers were a pain and a half since I decided to go the die cut method, but they’re so neat in person ^^

  5. New pins are up today, I got about 1/3 of them made up with the crystals (I have to put them in myself), but I’m not very quick at it ^^;

    Sailor Moon’s Cosmic Heart Compact Enamel Pins on Etsy

  6. Well I’m home and shipping orders again =T

    I came home to a box full of freshly made pins, ready for crystals though!  I am much more impressed with this company than the last one, their custom manager is very responsive, they delivered much earlier than promised, and the product is so far looking very nice.  I haven’t checked all of them yet, but I’m just not up for unwrapping 100 tiny bubble wraps tonight ^^;

    I’ll try to get these up on Etsy tomorrow with some better photos, but there may be a delay since SPX is coming next weekend, and I have a bunch of other stuff that needs doing before then!

  7. nevertoomanyfrills:

    Whole set for Daffodil

    The doll will come with all the things from picture

    1. Sterling silver oxidized wig (Magnetic and removable)
    2. Sterling silver hair flower(Magnetic and rose gold plated).
    3. Sterling silver flower pendant (Doll can be set inside and worn as a necklace/pendant , 24k gold plated).
    4. Sterling silver 9 cm doll (strung with elastic).

    The price for Daffodil is 380.00 USD plus shipping (Shipping through FeDex insured).

    Daffodil is limited to 10, and the dolls will be available to Purchase on september 12th, if someone is interested in purchasing Daffodil, please email to ikialvarado@gmail.com, either to reserve one or asking about shipping prices.

    I want this REALLY BADLY LIKE BURNING NEED…  I think I might be selling a Sweet Dreams Nana YoSD when I get home to justify this 8O

  8. retrogradeworks:


    Yeaaaah! Button making time!

    Actually, NOOOOO.  The fucking thing crimped once and now refuses to crimp at all.  It’s not button making time!  It’s shipping this POS back time!

    Oh noo, how disappointing! ;O  If you’re looking for a different one I’ve got a Tecre, and fully recommend them.  I think that thing is going to outlive me it’s so unbreakable and solid.


  9. Coupon code for my Etsy :)

    Shipping on all orders will be delayed until September 8th, so any orders made between now and then can get 10% off any item using the code: LATESHIP

    On a more personal note, my grandmother passed away yesterday, so part of the reason for withdrawing for a bit is because of that. :(  No condolences necessary, just be aware that I may not be around for a little bit while I bury the sadness in work and not talking.

  10. Got some new business cards today for SPX! :)  Me and #headachequeen will be sharing a table, so we got double sided cards and each of us got a side!

    I also got some post cards for giving away, and another business card to put the new Sailor Moon pins I’m getting in on.  Also a super secret poster to slip in my new comic book that I’m working on…